Healthy Smile, Healthy Child

You want your child to be healthy, so taking care of your child’s teeth is a top priority for your child’s overall wellness and well-being.

At North Mississippi Family Dentistry, we’re pretty excellent at taking care of your kids — and we thoroughly enjoy pediatric dentistry!

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

If you’re searching for a family dentistry practice, this usually means you need a dentist specializing in pediatrics.

From your child’s first teeth through adolescence and on to young adulthood, regular six-month cleanings and checkups are key to ensuring your kid maintains their beautiful, healthy smile for years to come.

At North Mississippi Family Dentistry, Dr. Wall, Dr. Holliday, and our expert team of compassionate professionals can help protect your child’s teeth while also providing them with the nurturing care they deserve. Here’s how:

Our Kid-Friendly Environment

It's important that your child feels safe and comfortable during each visit. Finding a dentist office with the right atmosphere can make all the difference, and our Tupelo office was designed to be family-friendly.

Positive Interactions With Your Child

Some dentists work with kids, but most of their patients are adults. Dentists can lose a bit of the caring edge kids require when this happens. Our team works with kids daily and loves getting to know their needs.

Teaching Preventative Care

Let’s be honest — kids don’t always listen to their parents about a lot of things, including dental hygiene.

However, they’re much more likely to listen to their dentist. At North Mississippi Family Dentistry, we can teach your child about preventative care by delivering the information in a way your child understands so that learning about oral health is more fun.